Our History

I came up with the name Energized back in 2008 I had been thinking of ways to get my DJ mixes to be heard on line and I wanted a radio station for an alliances, teams, clans etc games that I use to play, some I still do.  I also wanted a radio for the two games I run TheCriminalUnderworld and MostWantedMobster.  I created a station called EnergizedFM and tried out using different hosting providers over the next few years on and off until September 2013.

I decided to reopen the radio station EnergizedFM in February 2014. When I Reopened the station to start off. I tried out different hosting providers until I came up with the right one I re-launched EnergizedFM in May 2014 and try and make a go of it.

October 2014 as I was thinking more and more about the station, I decided to be more creative and explore all genres in music so I opened another eight radio channels DANCECLUBUK | DRUMNBASSUK | DUBSTEPUK |ELECTROHOUSEUK | HARDBASSUK | HOUSEUK | MIXALOTUK | TRANCEUK) in June 2014.

 These eight channels would explore the world of Electronic Dance Music. Each of these stations would feature there own genre and the genres that surround that particular genre and Artist/DJ/Producer.
In February 2015 I decided to introduce another seven more channels BREAKBEATUK | CLASSICSUK | ENERGIZEDUK | TECHNOUK | THEHITSUK | TIMEWARPUK | URBANUK to the EnergizedFM website.

In 2015 EnergizedFM is now home to fifteen individual radio streams. BREAKBEATUK | CLASSICSUK | DANCECLUBUK |DRUMNBASSUK | DUBSTEPUK | ELECTROHOUSEUK | ENERGIZEDUK | HARDBASSUK | HOUSEUK | MIXALOTUK | TECHNOUK | THEHITSUK | TIMEWARPUK | TRANCEUK | URBANUK explore the world of Non-EDM and Electronic Dance Music. Each of these stations feature there own genre and the genres that surround that particular genre, Listen to Artist/DJ/Producer from all over the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Tablet.

The website is taking shape slowly due to my coding skills not 100% so thank you for your patience. Listen to shows run by our Resident DJs.

In December 2015 I have launched another game called MostWantedMafia and have thought about linking both up for the gamers to be able to listen to music as they play the game. Note: the Facebook not EnergizedFM won't appear on mobile devices because there is no footer available for the mobile version.

MostWantedMobster has been restarted and more upgrades coming soon in 2016. TheCriminalUnderworld will be restarted soon and re-designed in 2016.

EnergizedFM has launched 5 new channels for you to enjoy!